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Welcome to Phoenicia University

Incubator - PUI

In a highly competitive, global, and rapidly changing world and market, Phoenicia University is pleased to launch the first start-up incubator in the South of Lebanon: Phoenicia University Incubator - PUI. PUI is an intellectual business-driven avenue to develop and prompt new approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship. Such a charitable initiative fosters an environment that helps turn inventive ideas into a promising reality. The incubator’s vibrant environment inspires creativity and prompts the sustainable growth of unique ideas by transforming them into successful startups. 


Phoenicia University seeks to be a primary driver of sustainable business and economic development on national, regional, and international levels. Through this initiative, PU blurs the boundaries between theory and practice, creating a hub for creative, original, and sustainable business ideas which serve the community and the society at large.


Our mission is to help and support entrepreneurs in developing their own startups by nurturing an entrepreneurship culture.
Our support system comprises various services, including mentorship, training workshops, and market research guidance.

What We Offer

Business Basics
Financial Advising
Building Internal & External Networks

Facilities & Utilities

Facilities at Phoenicia University are available for both students and P.C.I.F.I. participant(s). All of our facilities are accessible to individuals with special needs. Our range of facilities and utilities include: Infrastructure that consists of localities, office facilities, and administrative services Modern and open-plan shared offices Outdoor recreation area Conference room Two interactive rooms equipped with high-tech computers and video projectors to host national, regional, and international conferences. At PU, there are thirteen high-tech laboratories which assist entrepreneurs in testing products relating to various industries and building prototypes. Additionally, P.C.I.F.I. provides all participants with 24-hour energy, individual landlines, and WIFI access. P.C.I.F.I. adheres to occupational and health safety requirements, including proper ventilation and air-conditioning, fire prevention measures, and security systems.


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Contact us

Phone: +961-7-420720
Address: Phoenicia University-Main Campus-District Of Zahrani

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