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Privacy Policy

Section 1: Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to foster an environment of best practice, consistency, transparency, credibility, and ethical conduct in relation to PU Charitable Incubator For Innovation S.A.L. and in alignment with the policies, rules, and regulations that govern Phoenicia University.

*Description and Purpose:
We reserve the right to modify the information contained herein at any time without prior notice. If we do make changes to our privacy policy, we will modify this page accordingly. We encourage you to check this page periodically for amendments and to review our most current policy. This site and all information and materials on it are provided to you “as is” without warranty of any kind.

Section 2: Scope

This policy and its subsequent procedures apply to all applicants, participants, staff members and any personnel working under the instruction of P.C.I.F.I. and/or Phoenicia University.

Any individual with a promising business plan reflecting a sustainable capability to grow is eligible to apply.
Businesses that are within the first two years of their business development, not yet profitable and still growing, are eligible to apply.
All applicants should be at least 18 years of age with clear background checks.

Personal Information:
In order to provide the participant(s) with an exceptional service, P.C.I.F.I. requires the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information according to applicable law. This information may include, but is not limited to, name, email address, location, title, and affiliation. Protecting the personal information of each participant is one of P.C.I.F.I.’s fundamental priorities.

Independent Advisors:
The participant(s) may receive business and technical consulting services from local business professionals, economic development professionals, and others.
These independent advisors are not employees or agents of P.C.I.F.I. and they will not be bound by this agreement or the other Participant documents.
The participant(s) acknowledges and agrees that P.C.I.F.I. shall not be held liable for the acts or omissions of these Independent advisors.


Participation and termination:
Participant(s) should comply with all policies, procedures, rules, and regulations of P.C.I.F.I. and Phoenicia University. Participant(s) should also be in full compliance with the Lebanese laws. Participant(s) who violate any of the aforementioned laws, policies, and/or regulations, fail to maintain professional and ethical conduct, and/or breach the contract with P.C.I.F.I. will have their participation terminated.
At its sole and absolute discretion, P.C.I.F.I. may terminate any participant at any time for any reason, or for no reason without prior notice.
P.C.I.F.I. may immediately terminate this agreement and expel the participant(s) and his employees from Campus if it determines in its sole discretion that:
a) Participant(s) breached the rules or regulations set in this agreement.
b) The conduct or activities of the participant’s employees, representatives or invitees materially adversely affects the ability of other program applicants to carry on their business and that such conduct is not remedied within (10) calendar days.
c) If any credentials, documents, or personal information of the participant deemed to be false or misleading.
d) If any of the ideas, copyrights, patents, trademarks etc. declared and submitted by the participant(s) to P.C.I.F.I. were identified or suspected to be infringed.

Limit on participation:
Participant(s) will remain in P.C.I.F.I. for a limited period of time. The average incubation period is 24 months for each project. It is important to note that the incubation period is not fixed and participation may be extended upon request with advanced notice and subject to providing full compelling justification for such a request. The incubation period is eligible to be extended upon request with written advanced notice of not less than two months with full compelling justification for such a request.

Participant(s) agrees to indemnify, protect, and hold harmless staff members and any individual working at P.C.I.F.I. and Phoenicia University from all liability including damages, debts, expenses, claims, losses, and lawsuits.

P.C.I.F.I. and Phoenicia University will not be held responsible for any problems, complaints, grievances, consequences, and/or litigations as a result of any liability and/or debt that the participant(s) may encounter in relation to any of their business operations, transactions, and/or conduct… P.C.I.F.I. and Phoenicia University will not acknowledge any legal obligation from the actions, omissions, or behaviors of the participants. Under no circumstances is the participant(s) considered representatives for or acting on behalf of P.C.I.F.I. and Phoenicia University.

The name of P.C.I.F.I. and Phoenicia University must not be used for marketing or commercial purposes. Participant(s) need a written approval from P.C.I.F.I.’s management and the General Secretary of Phoenicia University for an exception to the aforementioned rules.

Hazardous Materials:
If required for their business operations and development, participant(s) may use hazardous materials subject to being fully responsible for such use and for the disposal of such materials. Participant(s) must provide P.C.I.F.I.’s staff members with regular reports on how they are abiding with occupational health and safety rules and regulations, handling and using any hazardous materials, and disposing such materials. Participant(s) should immediately notify and report to P.C.I.F.I. any incidents associated with or resulting from the use and/or disposal of hazardous materials. The report should clearly detail any resulting damage(s) to individuals, property and/or the surrounding environment.

Smoking Policy:
There is no smoking anywhere inside or next to the entrance doors of P.C.I.F.I. Participant(s) may only smoke within designated areas on Phoenicia University campus.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations:
Participant(s) should abide by all the laws, regulations, and orders of any governmental authority and to all policies, procedures, and rules of P.C.I.F.I. and Phoenicia University. Failure to comply with laws, regulations, and orders will result in the termination of the participation. P.C.I.F.I. reserves the right to decline and refuse any new participation of the participant(s) in breach.